Bannière Shukokaï Atlantique


8ème Dan - Federal Expert

Master Eiji KAWANISHI was born on January 11th, 1952 to IWAYA on the Island of AWAJI in Japan.
He begins the karate in 1967 with Master NAGANO to IWAYA and acquires his 1st DAN two years later, at the age of 17.
From 1971, he participates in the training courses of Master TANI and Master Shigeru KIMURA.
He becomes the pupil of Master TANI and follows his teaching to KOBE in the HONBU dojo.
On March 3rd, 1974 Master KAWANISHI becomes Champion of JAPAN.
In 1975 Master KAWANISHI leaves for tour in Europe with Master TANI as assisting.
After having taught in Belgium and in England, he settles down definitively in France in 1976.

Picture of Master KAWANISHI