Bannière Shukokaï Atlantique

Master Chojiro TANI


Importants dates about Shukokaï

Master Chojiro TANI was born on January 25th, 1921 to KOBE.
He begins the learning of karate in 1938.
Two years later, in 1940, Master TANI begins to work the method GOJU-RYU with Master Chojun MIYAGI on KYOTO.
In 1942, on Master MIYAGI's recommendations, for reasons of estrangement geographical, Master TANI continues his education with Master MABUNI and become his follower.
In 1946, Master TANI receives his 5th DAN, which, at this period was the highest rank, and begins to teach.
He officially founds the SHUKOKAI in 1947. One year later, in 1948, the teaching of Master TANI is dispensed under the name of SHUKOKAI karate DO.

Photo de Maître Tani